PHPMyAdmin, mySQL, PHP, SQL, AJAX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
UI/UX Designer, Front/Back-end Developer
Technical Report
This project was completed over the course of several weeks and focused primarily on backend development, integrating a database for account management and content listings. The following reports explains crucial components to the database design.
Database Design
This first report focuses on the back-end design of the website, such as the structure of the database, secure authentication handling and user registration, as well as functionality available to visitors. It provides sample code to navigate through the different functions used.
AJAX Implementation
The second report focuses on improving the user experience through the website by adding pagination to results, responsive to the filters implemented in the first portion. It also details the improvements to registered users' customization options for their web experience.
Learning Outcomes, Challenges, Outcomes
The full semester project was definitely very tough for me. As I had to miss many classes throughout the semester for mandated events from the business school, and could not attend many office hours, much of my work I learned alone through online resources, tutorial materials, and going through lecture slides. Other challenges were the disconnect between online resources and lecture resources. While I would be able to find a solution online, it was sometimes done very differently compared to coursework; because I wanted to follow coursework instead, I had to revisit my problems and solutions to figure out how to connect them together.
Although these were a big roadblock to my success and my biggest challenges, I also learned how to understand code on my own, reading through resources to understand everything instead of just copying work without knowing what it means. I understood the importance of putting in lots of work and the great outcomes that can come out of it.
Although this final submission was what I believe not to the best of my ability, I also know that with all the finals and projects that were due this week and last that I truly gave it my best and will be satisfied with the outcome regardless of the grade. I understand the value that this project has given me and I know all the work I put into it.
In summary, some of the outcomes I have had with this project are:
- Understanding of PHP, developing understanding of JS & AJAX,
- Improving work ethic to make up for missed classes,
- Learning how to solve disconnect between online and course resources.

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