Magazine Publication
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
A project completed in a digital graphic design course, focusing on applying an iterative design process, visual elements in publications, typography, and communication. The learning objective was to become much more familiar with the full design process.
Early Development
Initial work included sketching and wireframes, moving into the first stage of creating a few greyscale magazine spreads. The rationale of removing color in the first iteration is to focus on the interaction between text and images, working with hierarchy to define how the reader moves through the page, and focusing on clarity of typography.
I found it very hard to make the page look interesting with the amount of text that was required to be displayed on the pages, while also making the photos stand out. I tried experimenting with the images' borders, which I did not feel worked out well.
Critique and Revision
The critique I received was to focus more on the images' story and how I want to convey them to the reader, rather than focusing only on how the image visually looks in the page. With the earlier images focusing heavily on the streets of Rome, I wanted to incorporate more of their culture through visual storytelling.
Through this iteration, I went with more simple, straight forward images as I was still a bit wary about being more creative in their presentation. The inspiration I found was focused more on text-heavy publications and I felt very held back.
Final Spreads
In the final week of the project, I threw away all the previous inspiration and references I had and started from a fresh slate. Instead of thinking about traditional magazine publications, I wanted to be more creative, and possibly a more graphic, poster-like approach.
This week, I focused on having more stylistic text and image orientation to move the reader through the page. Rather than warping the image and text borders and shapes, I wanted to keep traditional photo dimensions (1/4 page images, squares, full page).
While I don't think I did a perfect job, with the time crunch and requirements of the project, I think I delivered a strong submission for the project. This really pushed me to pursue my passions in design, and lead to a few of the personal projects I did in this section!

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